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Some things I’ve learned in the CBT clinics I’ve been going to regarding anxiety that I thought might be helpful to some.

Pay it forward.

If you play on someone’s phobias for a laugh, I will fucking shank you in the nadgers.


As someone who has diagnosed GAD, Social Anxiety, OCD, a legitimate phobia called Ranidaphobia and other mental health issues such as Depression and Borderline Personality Disorder- posts like these mean a lot. Thanks to the OP x


An awesome fuck-ton of ~plegic references.

When drawing a character in a wheelchair, for the love of mud, know how they came to that point. Recognize the differences between paralysis, underdevelopment, infection, etc. Know the difference between quadriplegic, paraplegic, and hemiplegic. Different situations cause different forms of paralysis under different circumstances. Know which one you want your character to have so you know what they can do and/or how they’ll be hindered from doing it. Will they be a Stephen Hawking or a Joe Swanson? Or will they just be some mopey, bitter mess, or even mentally unresponsive? And, depending on what they have, their wheelchair may differ, too. For people who are unable to talk but can still use their hands, they can type or use a joystick (I call it a joystick) to move their chair around. There’s a wickedly wide range to what puts people in wheelchairs and how they end up physically and mentally afterwards. Were they in a car accident? Was it a sports injury? A fight? Infection? Born that way? Lazy? Please do your research. If your character’s quadriplegic, he/she’s not gonna be doing handstands anytime soon. Also be aware that there’s spastic and flaccid ramifications of ~plegia; If flaccid, the muscles will simply hang, and if spastic, they’ll jerk around (either a lot or a little, depending on the severity of whatever the condition is). There’s a lot more to people in wheelchairs than you may have originally thought, so think about some of this shit. My friend is paraplegic (she gave me some advice about assembling the post), and she always tells me, “In my position, this can be a disability only if you make it out to be. Paraplegics can do whatever a walker can do, except walk.” (She calls us walkers… Without fail, I always think of the Walking Dead, and I have to bite my tongue so I don’t burst out laughing when she’s talking about something serious. [Don’t worry; she knows]) Know how your character thinks about their situation, too. Do they think of it as a disability, or are they owning it up and doing fucking cartwheels? Know that there are sports and Olympics especially made for people in wheelchairs and with other bodily alterations. It’s pretty badass to watch, if you get into it. And there are many types of wheelchairs made especially for physical activities such as racing, gymnastics, etc. So, read a book about it all, do some research.

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